Preventing Overuse Injuries

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Published:  August 19, 2016

Tennis is one of the most popular racket sports and is played by over 4 million kids ages 6-17 in the U.S. As in all sports, staying healthy is important, especially in young athletes. According to the American Orthopedic Society of Sports Medicine, overuse injuries are the most common type of injury among young players, therefore, keeping kids active in different sports may help lower their risk of injury.

“It’s important for kids to play multiple sports while their muscles are still developing,” explains orthopedic surgeon and Woodland Wildcats team physician Dr. Brad Wall.  “Overuse injuries are common in young athletes who become sport specific at a young age.  Playing multiple sports may help develop better coordination, strengthen different muscle groups, and limit repetitive motions.”

For more information about how to help prevent tennis injuries, please visit the link below.

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