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Considering Spine Surgery?

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Considering spine surgery is a major decision. For most people with spine pain, conservative, non-operative treatment is usually effective at relieving back pain. However, for people who have spine pain that seriously affects their daily life, and who receive no relief with non-operative care, spine surgery may be an effective option. If you have been told by your orthopedic surgeon…

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Team Recognition: Meet Reva!

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Meet Reva! Reva works as a registered nurse in our outpatient orthopedic surgery center. She helps care for patients before and after their outpatient surgery. She chose a career in the medical field because of her interest in science and learning. For Reva, “the medical field is a constant learning opportunity, and I enjoy learning the ‘why’ behind how things…

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Mountain Biking: “Kneed” to know for injury prevention

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Mountain biking is a popular sport all throughout the world. North America, Europe, and Asia are just a few areas where people enjoy the sport. To enhance their experience, bikers will flock to deserts and national parks to bike. This allows for a more enjoyable recreational experience. Three strengthening exercises Side leg raise Bridge Squat Here are a few videos…

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