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Our in-house diagnostic imaging center in Cartersville, GA specializes in many different imaging methods, such as X-rays and MRIs. Our providers utilize imaging to ensure that each of our patients is diagnosed properly and receives the care they need.

Diagnostic Imaging Care

Diagnostic imaging is a branch of medicine that utilizes methods such as X-rays and MRI to provide a detailed look at what's happening inside the human body. Doctors employ these technologies to create images of internal organs, bones, and tissues; these images help them diagnose disorders, injuries, or diseases. Diagnostic imaging offers incredibly precise results that can be hard to detect through physical examination alone.

Cutting Edge Techniques

Types of Imaging

Diagnostic imaging allows physicians to diagnose patients with illnesses and diseases using imaging technology such as:
  • X-Rays use radiation that passes through soft tissue enabling a clear image of hard structures including bones.
  • MRIs utilize powerful magnetic fields to create high-resolution imaging of organs and blood vessels.

When is Diagnostic Imaging Needed?

Diagnostic imaging has become an important tool in modern medicine, allowing physicians to diagnose and treat medical conditions quickly and effectively. Diagnostic imaging not only helps physicians make diagnoses faster but enables them to tailor treatments more precisely to their patients' needs. There are four primary reasons for utilizing diagnostic imaging:

Diagnostic Imaging FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to have a diagnostic imaging exam?
Diagnostic imaging exams, such as MRI and X-rays, are an increasingly important part of modern medicine. These tests allow doctors to see inside the body without performing surgery. By conducting a diagnostic imaging exam, doctors can accurately diagnose and monitor many medical conditions. Diagnostic imaging gives expert medical staff the tools they need to make life-saving decisions quickly and effectively.
What does disease or injury look like on a diagnostic image?
A trained clinician can identify the presence of objects or abnormalities that would otherwise be impossible to diagnose without the aid of special equipment like an MRI scanner or X-ray machine. On images, it is possible to detect lesions, tumors, cysts, fractures, hemorrhages, contusions, strain, and more. In some cases, color variation can help to differentiate healthy areas from those that are affected by disease or injury. Additionally, comparing scans taken at different times may also offer further insights into any changes in a patient's underlying anatomy since their last appointment.
Do I need a referral for urgent orthopedic care?
It depends on the situation. If you are experiencing a life-threatening emergency, you should go to the nearest hospital instead of seeking urgent care. In non-emergency cases, many orthopedic specialists do not require referrals for initial visits. However, it is still important to check with your health insurance plan to determine if a referral is needed.
What happens during a diagnostic image examination?
During a diagnostic imaging examination, a specialized camera is used to capture pictures of the inside of the body. Depending on the type of scan being performed, this could involve radiation, sound waves, or magnetic fields. Following imaging capture, the images are examined by a healthcare professional to assess any abnormality.
What happens after a diagnostic image examination?
After a diagnostic image examination, the radiologist immediately reviews the scanned images. From there, they may use computer-aided detection software to assist with their analysis of the image to properly diagnose any abnormalities. The radiologist will then interpret the results and provide a report on their findings. The detailed report may include an explanation of the measurements that were taken as well as recommendations for any follow-up procedures or tests that may be necessary to further investigate any issues identified in the scan.

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