Gregory R. Crawley, MD
Gregory R. Crawley, MD,

We are thrilled to welcome board certified orthopedic surgeon, Gregory R. Crawley, to Georgia Bone & Joint Surgeons. Dr. Crawley practiced orthopedics as an independent physician in Cartersville, Georgia for 20 years. During this time, he developed a distinguished reputation for providing outstanding quality care to patients with both acute orthopedic injuries and chronic orthopedic conditions.

Eager to welcome Dr. Crawley and introduce him to our patients, Abby Holden, physician liaison, interviewed Dr. Crawley about the path that lead him to orthopedics, his work in the Cartersville community, and his overall care philosophy.

What sparked your passion for becoming an orthopedic surgeon?

Dr. Crawley: “From an early age, I was always fascinated at how things worked. My father worked for Delta Airlines and was responsible for making sure the airplanes were safe to fly with families onboard. We were always ‘fixin’ something around the house, whether it was changing the brakes on our car or repairing the washing machine for Mom. As my education advanced through High School and College I studied how the human body functioned. It was just miraculous to me how complex our bodies really were. I thought how wonderful it would be to help people heal from injuries and return to a better quality of life.”

What has your time practicing in Cartersville meant to you?

Dr. Crawley: “I have enjoyed practicing in an area where there was a feeling of community, almost like a big family. It has been an honor to practice in Cartersville for all these years. Some families have entrusted me to care for 3 and 4 generations from the children to great grandma.”

How would you describe your patient care philosophy? 

Dr. Crawley: “I believe in offering state of the art, proven orthopedic care while making the patient the number one priority. Listening to their concerns, answering their questions about treatment options and letting them have control of their healthcare.”

What are you most looking forward to about working with us here at Georgia Bone & Joint Surgeons?

Dr. Crawley: “For over 20 years I have had the opportunity to work closely with my colleagues at Georgia Bone & Joint Surgeons. I found them all to be caring, knowledgeable, and patient centered doctors who were involved in their community. I am honored to have the opportunity to join the team and continue the tradition started by Drs. Atwell and Brunette many years ago.”

We are excited to welcome Gregory R. Crawley, MD to Georgia Bone and Joint Surgeons. Dr. Crawley is accepting new patients and participates in most insurance plans. Please help us welcome Dr. Crawley!

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