Team Recognition: Meet Reva!

Meet Reva! Reva works as a registered nurse in our outpatient orthopedic surgery center. She helps care for patients before and after their outpatient surgery.

She chose a career in the medical field because of her interest in science and learning. For Reva, “the medical field is a constant learning opportunity, and I enjoy learning the ‘why’ behind how things work.”

Registered nurse, Reva, in Georgia Bone & Joint Outpatient Surgery Center, Cartersville, GA.

Her favorite part of working in an outpatient surgery centering is, “being able to give our patients more individualized care and more time for one on one treatment.”

When Reva is working, she enjoys traveling and exploring new places. Next year, her brother is moving to Alaska and she can’t wait to visit!

Fun fact alert: She went skydiving for the first time this year, and she plans on doing it again in the near future!

Thank you, Reva for the care and attention you give to each patient! Happy 3rd work anniversary!

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