Patient Education

Whether you are preparing for your first appointment, an upcoming procedure, or just want to get back in the game faster, patient education is a great place to start.

If you or a loved one are preparing for or considering orthopedic surgery, patient education can help you plan and prepare for the road ahead. From gathering a list of questions for your doctor, to arranging a caretaker after surgery, education about your surgery and post operative care will help ensure your recovery is safe and as comfortable as possible.

The following links provide quality information from trusted sources that will provide insights and information about your orthopedic health.

Pre-Op Video for Total Joint Replacement

If you are preparing for a total joint replacement with one of our orthopedic surgeons, we invite you to watch this video. It will provide helpful information about what you can expect before and after your knee replacement or hip replacement.

How To Wear Your Abduction Shoulder Sling

If you are preparing to undergo a shoulder surgery with one of our orthopedic surgeons, we invite you to watch this video.

You may be given a shoulder sling with abduction pillow to wear after your surgery. Wearing the sling as your doctor has directed is very important. It is also important that your sling fits correctly. This video will give you step by step instructions for putting your sling on. We recommend you have a trusted friend or family member assist you with putting on or taking off your sling. Feel free to share this video with them! That way, they will know exactly what to expect, and are better prepared to help you.