“happy to have something local…”

The days of having to drive to Atlanta to seek care for orthopedic issues are over! Booking a appoint with the Doctors at the clinic has been a godsend. The care I am receiving is superior to any type of medical care I have received in any area orthopedic clinics. Dr. Atwell and the partners are fantastic. I won’t be making the drive all the way to Atlanta when I can receive superior care right in my own backyard. Our community is truly blessed to have wonderful orthopedic physicians right here at home!!

“in good hands…”

I’m a 53 yr old male that’s been dealing with spinal stenosis for over 20yrs. During those 20 years I’ve encountered MANY doctors and staff. on 08-13-18 Doctor Cha and his team performed a C5/C6 fusion, 1-week post opp. I’m doing great and looking forward to a speedy recovery . In the near future I’m facing another procedure with my lumber, But I know I’m in good hands with Doctor Cha and his team. Hands down the best orthopedic surgeon in Georgia. A++

“…great job”

I had a cervical fusion performed by Dr.Cha. For months prior to that the pain was excruciating and unrelenting to the point that strong pain medicine ceased to provide relief. My sleep was down to 2 hours per night. Relief following the surgery was immediate and complete. Dr Cha and his staff did a great job.

“…living without pain…”

Three years and I am living without the pain I was experiencing before my Knee replacement (both knees). Thank you Dr Riddle

“Dr. Charles Cha is the best.”

Dr Charles Cha did neck surgery and lower back surgery on me in 2010 and 2011. I will never use another surgeon. I was 5% from being paralyzed and after surgery I was a new person. I still do not have neck or lower back problems. Dr Charles Cha is the best.

“…very kind and helpful.”

On May 22nd I sold my house in Pennsylvania, and moving south. I had retired 2 years ago and was moving to Georgia for. Warmer climate and hopefully to find some new and fun experiences. I was staying with friends on their houseboat at Lake Allatoona while waiting for my new apartment to be ready in Woodstock. I did not expect what came next! I was sleeping in the upper Cuddy cabin. I got up in the middle of the night and fell down, missing 2 steps, breaking my leg and fracturing my ankle. This was not the “new and fun experience” I’d been hoping for! My treatment by Dr. Wall and the entire staff has been very good and everyone has been very kind and helpful. I hope to be in the Lake, soaking up the sun soon and I am looking forward to my move into my new apartment in Mid July.

“Thank you, Dr. Wall…”

“Thank you is not enough for what I should say to Dr. Brad Wall. Dr. Wall has always seen my children. He has fixed jammed fingers, hurting backs, knee problems, broken arms. He diagnosed my daughter with a SCFE and performed surgery in less than 24 hours. This week my 75 year old dad, who has pulmonary fibrosis fell and broke his hip. Just a phone call away ..Dr Wall came to see daddy, told us what needed to be done, scheduled surgery and fixed daddy’s hip. He is a doctor above all. Dr. Wall is the best of the best. I would recommend him to anyone that needs any type of orthopedic help. My family feels comfortable using Dr. Wall, it makes us feel better knowing he is a Godly man. We are strong Christians and knowing you have a Dr. Taking care of you that believes the same way makes you feel better. Thank you Dr. Wall for all you do!!”

“…proud to recommend…”

Dr. Atwell performed a hip replacement in 2014, and just recently Dec 2, 2015 he performed shoulder surgery. I can say these have been the best experiences I ever had with surgeries. I am in the process of scheduling a knee replacement. The staff are so easy to work with and very accommodating. Dr. Atwell and his staff have always been very thorough and truly show kindness and consideration to everyone. I am very proud to recommend this fine doctor and his staff to anyone needing orthopedic care.

“…professionalism and attention to detail…”

I have been a patient of Georgia Bone & Joint since 1998,when I tore my ACL. Dr. Atwell replaced the ACL and I have had no problems. Since the initial surgery, Dr. Riddle has replaced my knee, meniscus surgery. The level of professionalism and attention to detail that has been shown to me and my family has made me a patient for life

“…life worth living.”

Dr. Atwell, this is a thank you from soooo many years ago. I was only 49 years old when you replaced both of my knees, during one surgery, rare for you you said at the time. I am now 66 years young and the knees are still going strong, with the help of almost daily stretching from rehab to today. So thank you, again, for making my life worth living.

“…compassionate and professional.”

I have had 2 surgeries performed by Dr. Atwell and 1 surgery by Dr. Cha. Both doctors are very knowledgeable and professional. The staff at Georgia Bone and Joint are second to none. They have always been compassionate and professional. I want to thank all of you for taking care of me and restoring me to a normal life.

“…love the staff..”

I just love love the staff and Dr. CHA ….HE SAVED ME FROM BEING PARALYZED …You’ll be happy too with the Bone &Joint Surgeons… Thank you again

“…grateful that I had surgery…”

For about 5 years I was having issues with severe neck pain. For treatment I had physical therapy, nerve blocks and dry needling none of these ever really helped much. I was loosing the strength in my right arm and just in general pain all the time. In September of 2016, I woke up one morning with tingling and burning down my right arm and into my hand and fingers. I received a recommendation to Dr. Charles Cha he ordered an updated MRI and found I had herniated discs and other issues going on with my neck so he recommended surgery. I really didn’t hesitate because I was in so much pain. I had surgery in October and he had to replace discs C3-C4 and C5-C6. Honestly I had minimal pain within a week of the surgery. I am 7 months post-operation and Dr. Cha said I am all healed and ready to get on with my life. I honestly am grateful that I had the surgery, it has made a huge difference and Dr. Cha is absolutely an amazing doctor.

“…better quality of life.”

In October 0f 2014 I had back surgery and was left with nerve damage and constant back, hip, ankle and foot pain. A friend recommended Dr. Cha so I went for a visit, he did x-rays and scans, made a recommendation for surgery to relieve the pain. In January of this year he did the procedure and since I have been able to sleep, use no prescriptions of any kind and can walk without a cane. Thank you Dr. Cha and all the staff you gave me a better quality of life.

“…fortunate to have found these guys…”

In 2008 I was almost killed in a motorcycle accident. After almost 2 months in Atlanta Medical Center, I was released with my left shoulder still shattered and my left arm banded to my side. The head of traumatic orthopedic surgery told me he didn’t really know where to start for putting my shoulder back together. I told him not to worry about it because I knew someone who could do it. I called Dr. Atwell because I had been so impressed with how he had rebuilt my daughter’s ACL after a soccer injury, as well as having repaired my previously torn meniscus. The rebuilding of my shoulder was nothing short of miraculous, and I have more use of that arm today than anyone expected I would. I continue to have some issues with my back and shoulders, but what do you expect when you break 7 ribs and 2 vertebrae, and shatter everything in your shoulder. I have worked with 3 of the doctors for various issues, and I am presently in my third series of physical therapy (last one was about 4 years ago) and it has been as life changing as the original surgery. The PT group is a talented bunch, just like the doctors. I am presently working with Laura Schell who’s ability to diagnose as well as educate me is spectacular. I feel very fortunate to have found these guys years ago, and I can’t imagine what life would be like for me today without the comprehensive care of Georgia Bone & Joint.

“…constant support to our community.”

A special thank you to Georgia Bone and Joint for your constant support to our community! The Bartow 12 u 2015 state champions thank you for your exclusive sponsorship and support! We have a beautiful sign we would like to send you a copy of for your support! Again we cannot thank you enough for the gift of support you have these football players and coaches! So thankful to have you in this community!

“…took time to explain…”

I injured my knee in October 2015. After trying to schedule with many other surgeons, I called GA Bone and Joint. No one would see me because they were not on call the weekend of my injury. Thankfully, that was not an issue with GA Bone and Joint. The staff worked with my insurance to get a MRI scheduled the same day of my first appointment. I developed complications on 11/6/2015. Blood clots. Thankfully, Dr. Wall and the staff were willing to communicate with my other doctors through out my “adventure” of allowing my clots to dissolve. Dr. Wall took the time to explain the surgery in detail to me. I’ve recently had ACL reconstruction. Dr. Wall did a great job on my knee. I’ve had zero complications from the surgery. The physical therapists are doing a great job working with my knee as well. Less than two weeks post-op, I’m back at work, doing PT exercises at home, walking — very short distances two times a day, and recovering well. Hope to be back hiking soon and walking half marathons next year.

“…I recommend Dr. Hubbell…”

I was referred to this clinic, to see Dr. Hubbell, after a car accident. I was shocked when I first went there because they seemed so concerned with the injuries I had received. I was only shocked because most of the doctors nowadays aren’t so fast and effective as this clinic was. I saw Dr. Hubbell one day, and 4 days later he had me return to do multiple test. His staff was very professional, fast and effective and Dr. Hubbell was as gentle as he could be during his test. Aside from an accident, I have been suffering from several diseases the last two years. So I’ve been to a lot of doctors and a lot of tests, when I go to most of my doctors I feel like just another number with a name. But I honestly have to say that this clinic with this doctor was so different from the other doctors. He told me that I would make a full recovery, and so far what he said is coming true. I honestly do not think I would have come so far so fast if it wasn’t for his expertise along with his clinic’s expertise and professionalism. My family and I are very satisfied with Dr. Hubbell and his clinic. I feel so comfortable with them that I would even recommend my own children to go there, although I hope that will never be the case. If you want fast, effective, professionalism, and the upmost expertise, then I recommend Dr. Hubbell and his clinic.

“…great at the job they do.”

The year of 2014 I suffered with what I thought was my lower back and hip area. I took muscle relaxers, Aleve and different over the counter pain relievers until in Jan 2015. I went to my primary doctor and told him I was so miserable. He took an X-ray of my hip and found that I needed to see a surgeon. He then referred me to Dr. Riddle and he set me up for a hip replacement. I owe so many thanks to him and the therapy. They are great at the job they do. I rate them #1. From March 25th 2015 until now, 1 year later, I have been pain free in my lower back.

“…truly top notch.”

I have suffered from chronic back and neck pain for many years. I originally came to Ga Bone seeking advice about the possibility of surgery to get relief. As it turned out I tried to get an appointment with Dr Cha. He was not available. The pain that I was having was progressively worse so I asked for the first available. This was with Dr. Hubbell. I had never heard of him but took the appointment. After a series it X-rays and another MRI. He advised to think about having an epidural. I explained to him that over the past 6 years I have had over 10 of them with no success. Needless to say, I was a little skeptical about having yet another. I did go ahead with the procedure. I know this may be a little premature because I only had it done yesterday. But this is the first day that I can remember that I was able to get out of bed without a struggle or having that rush of severe pain with my neck back and leg. I don’t know what Dr. Hubbell did differently but it worked. Even if it only lasts a short time it was worth it. I just really want to say thanks to both him and his wonderful staff they are truly top notch. Thanks again, Bob

“…great support staff…”

When I first visited Dr. Hubble, I thoroughly expected him to recommend surgery, more epidurals, even ablation or worse yet say there was nothing that could be done for my back. He took a more holistic, healing and patient involving approach of trying less invasive procedures first. He referred me for physical therapy. After getting evaluated and working with my physical therapists (North Ga. Physical Therapy) I am feeling SOOOO much better. I was given exercises to do at home and only had to use muscle relaxers once since I saw Dr. Hubble a month ago. I am progressing, walking better, sleeping better and sitting without pain. We still have more work to do, but he has guided me to a better lifestyle. I am looking forward to a vacation that involves walking and standing, one that I did not know if I could fully enjoy in my prior physical condition. I like a physician who wants to try the least invasive approach first. Thank you Dr. Hubble. You have a great support staff at Georgia Bone and Joint Surgeons.

“…immediate appointments…”

Past couple of years, my neck between my shoulder blades have been really sore at night. Visited my primary dr and he sent me to physical therapy. I only felt good up to 12 hours later and with my insurance cost me $80 a visit. So after 8 visits (twice a week for 4 weeks) my wife suggested a chiropractor. Ouch! I do not care for the “neck popping”!!! I go back to my primary dr and he referred my to Georgia Bone and Joint. Had immediate appointments which they explained every step to me. They took care of filing my insurance and within a month I had my first cortisone shot which was not too bad. They called me to check on me a day later. That was my answer! About 2 weeks later I started to feel pain again, not as bad as before but I was told I might need a second shot. They quickly scheduled me for another and that was all it took! I am back to the gym and work has become bearable again (as far as the pain in my neck-haha!). Thank you so much to everyone at Georgia Bone and Joint!!

“…outstanding spine surgeon.”

In the summer of 2002, I met a parent of one of the girls on my daughter’s softball team, who just happened to work at Georgia Bone and Joint. I did not realize at the time that this would be a life changing meeting. I had been an X-ray tech for many years and she mentioned that there was a job opening at Georgia Bone. I decided that I would check it out. I luckily stumbled into what would be the best job of my career. I took the job in 2002, and have worked with some amazing people and caring and talented physicians. Many years have past and as we have grown, I am now working in the MRI department. I had never been a patient until I started having some neck and right arm issues a couple of years ago. I found myself sitting across from Dr. Cha in an exam room. Dr. Cha started at Georgia Bone about 2 months after I did. I have always had great respect for him, and considered him to be an outstanding spine surgeon. Dr. Cha proceeded to tell me that I would need surgery and I was totally shocked!! I couldn’t believe this was happening, but amidst all of the chaos in my mind, he told me, “Kay, God put you here so that I could take care of you”. From that moment on I was at peace with my circumstances. My surgery went well and I came back to work about 2 weeks later. It has now been almost 2 years and I am still doing great, and still very thankful for my Georgia Bone family.

“…helpful and friendly…”

I just wanted to say thank you for allowing me to take my therapy, from my knee surgery, there at your location. Your staff was great. Everyone was always helpful and friendly.

I want to say a special thanks to my assigned therapist, Angela Nix. Angela is a wonderful person, a wonderful lady, as well as a wonderful mother. She is an outstanding therapist. She was extremely helpful and very encouraging in making me realize what I needed and had to do to get completely well and back to my normal activities. She made it enjoyable to come to therapy.

“…cared about me and my injury.”

In March 2013 … I suffered a back injury involving herniation to my discs in my lower back. I started treating at a medical facility in Marietta, Ga. along with intense physical therapy. The therapy was good, however, I was only x-rayed and not given an MRI, and filled up with many pills to take on a daily basis for pain. Thank God I did have a wonderful physical therapist, but as far as physicians care it was terrible. Later, after my attorney’s intervention, some months later, I was finally given an MRI which revealed my true and accurate injury. Some of the physical therapy I had received was actually harming me instead of helping me. After my MRI’s were done I was told I could pick from a list of “authorized” and “approved” physicians to become my primary care physician involving my injury I had sustained. By the grace of God, I chose Dr. David Hubbell, who then at the time was with Emory Hospital in Atlanta, Ga. I knew from the onset that Dr. Hubbell was a good person, not only a good Dr. He showed compassion for me, treated me as if I were his only patient and genuinely cared about me and my injury. He would even quarrel with the insurance company over things involving my treatment which he knew I needed and they were refusing me. So it was like I had him defending me as well since he felt it was needed for my healing and recuperation. In May 2015, I moved away even further from Atlanta, the first thing that hit me was, oh no, I had an even further drive to see Dr. Hubbell, but by divine intervention I truly believe, I found out Dr. Hubbell was leaving Emory and was going to be in Cartersville, Ga. at Ga. Bone & Joint Surgeons. Talk about feeling blessed, I knew my guardian angels were hard at work. I truly felt blessed as I was feeling, oh no, here we go again !. Instead on June 1st 2015, Dr. Hubbell joined Ga. Bone and Joint Surgeons As of June 24th 2015 I am back being treated with him and feel as if I am in the best hands again. Talk about truly being blessed, he is now 2.5 miles from my home and I am truly a lucky man. I wanted others who have injuries to know my story in giving them hope that there is still good treatment and facilities out there. Who treats you and where your treated are the most important factors involving your healing process and yes, there are angels as I am proof of that. Sincerely,

David M. Birney Sr.

“…excellent care!”

I had a wonderful experience @ Ga bone&joint…the staff was excellent and my knee surgery went so well I was back @ work in just 12 days….thanks Dr. Wall and staff….for the excellent care!!!!

“…went above and beyond to help me.”

“I would like to give a huge shout out to Carla Teems. Anytime I have ever needed help with getting an appointment for my family she has went above and beyond to help me. She has taken phone calls on personal time and done whatever she could to make sure we were taken care of. She is an outstanding person. If all employees were like her in doctors offices…the offices would be operated by the best!!”

“…nice friendly staff…”

I wanted to let the staff from GA Bone and urgent care ortho what a great job they did for me on Monday. The Facility was nice, friendly staff and I like the way the doctor took his time to talk to me and explain the injury I had checked out. Thanks everyone!

“Thank you Dr. Wall”

Dr. Wall has taken care of my grandmother, my aunt, & my mother. He is passionate about what he does & truly seems to care about his patients. I truly appreciate the time he has spent with each of them & the expertise he has given each of their individual orthopedic issues. Thank you Dr. Wall!

“Quick and Easy Visits”

Dr. Brunette is great! Quick and easy visits. He did great with my operation and I’m glad I got it done.


Pt is the best very professional and Janice is fantastic.

“…both knees replaced…”

I have been seeing Dr Wall for years and I have had both knees replaced recently by Dr Wall 3 months apart. Dr Wall and his staff are consummate friendly professionals. They are patient, kind, listen carefully, and treat their patients with respect and genuine empathy.

“…Dr. Atwell and staff…”

From my very first appointment Dr. Atwell and staff have been nothing short of amazing. They have gone above and beyond anything I ever expected. I would recommend him to anyone!

Back Pain: Dr. Cha

Hi my name is Tina Patrick I had…. nerve pain for over a year… sciatica as some people referred to…like it would away in a few months…..you feel so alone as if no one understands the horrific pain I was going thru…..i had tied physical therapy, epidural, injections, acupuncture, even tried pain management, buy this time i had lost all hope and no joy in my life, also during this time my daughter passed due to diabetes……everyone was so against back surgery and all kind of scary stories….. I knew some of the Dr’s just didn’t realize the PAIN I was going thru didn’t even look at my MRI……..But I heard about DR CHA and GOD had answered my prayers…but as DR CHA said GOD is the one who directs his hands and gives him the knowledge to perform the surgery!! My surgery was performed a month later and I work up with NO PAIN ….so please don’t be afraid to have the surgery ….. Today I have NO PAIN and my JOY in life has return .!!!!! Thank you, God, for directing me to DR. CHA. And if anyone would like to talk to me my # 706-455-7026 Don’t be afraid to have Back Surgery
Blessings to all,
Tina Patrick

Back Surgery

Hi my name is Tina Patrick I had…. nerve pain for over a year… sciatica as some people referred to…like it would away in a few months…..you feel so alone as if no one understands the horrific pain I was going thru…..i had tied physical therapy, epidural, injections, acupuncture, even tried pain management, buy this time i had lost all hope and no joy in my life, also during this time my daughter passed due to diabetes……everyone was so against back surgery and all kind of scary stories….. I knew some of the Dr’s just didn’t realize the PAIN I was going thru didn’t even look at my MRI……..But I heard about DR CHA and GOD had answered my prayers…but as DR CHA said GOD is the one who directs his hands and gives him the knowledge to perform the surgery!! My surgery was performed a month later and I work up with NO PAIN ….so please don’t be afraid to have the surgery ….. Today I have NO PAIN and my JOY in life has return .!!!!! Thank you, God, for directing me to DR. CHA. And if anyone would like to talk to me my # 706-455-7026 Don’t be afraid to have Back Surgery
Blessings to all,
Tina Patrick

Spinal Fusion done by Dr. Cha

I had a lower spinal fusion done by Dr. Cha and I couldn’t be more blessed with the outcome. I was saved from being almost paralyzed for how serious my condition was. Everyone in the office including Dr Cha, Dr. Wall, Laurie, Jamie and Jon Strain were beyond excellent. I came in as an “emergent case” following a past car wreck injury and they wasted no time to help me. All my questions were answered. I didn’t feel rushed while talking to the providers. Everyone was all so reassuring and made me feel at ease! I had originally traveled to Rome to see a different surgeon but I chose to come to Georgia Bone and Joint instead and i’m so glad I went with the correct team! Even after my surgery I had the employees checking up on me. I will continue coming here and will continue recommending this office to everyone I talk to! THANK YOU for bettering my quality of life and having such great patient care!!

“Awesome experience”

Great place. Awesome experience.

“Thanks Dr. Riddle you’re the best!”

From start to finish the entire staff was very friendly. Any questions or concerns were responded to in a timely and efficient manner. Thanks Dr. Riddle you’re the best!!!

“…northing short of amazing…”

I had an incredible visit and surgery at Georgia Bone and Joint! The hospitality and genuine care given by Dr.’s and the entire staff have been nothing short of amazing. The procedure Dr. Burnett did on my knee was painless and fixed any issues I had been having. I feel blessed and will certainly come back and recommend them to anyone who is having any issues.

“carpal tunnel surgery”

I had carpal tunnel surgery. I was well pleased from my first visit to the post-op visit. On my day of surgery, there were probably 7-8 employees (individually) that came into my room. Each doing the ‘step’ they were trained to do. I have to high-point the nurse that accompanied me during the recovery period (probably 20-30min). She was great. Never seemed anxious to leave. Had great patience.
I believe her name was Amy.
Thank you Ga bone & joint.

“Urgent Ortho”

I have, on 2 occasions, made appointments with doctors at Georgia Bone & Joint Surgeons, P.C. – once with Dr. Atwell and another with Dr. Wall. My issues were minor, but nonetheless needed attention. Both Dr. Atwell and Dr. Wall were thorough in my diagnosis. I enjoyed their “bedside”manor and genuine concern and time taken with me. This past Monday, 2/3/20, after experiencing severe pain in my right hip for several weeks, I contacted your office first thing, but I was unable to see Dr. Wall, and the receptionist recommended using the “Urgent Ortho” available at Georgia Bone & Joint. Naturally, I said, yes, and I saw John Strain, PA-C at 1:00 p.m. that day. I cannot tell you what a blessing he was to me.He was just as thorough, just as caring, and just as comforting. Everyone at “Urgent Ortho” was welcoming and professional. I cannot thank you enough for making this facility available with those in immediate need. I was given a steroid shot and anti-inflammatory pills for inflammation. My hip feels wonderful. Again, thank you, John Strain and the staff at “Urgent Ortho”. I shared my thoughts about my visit on my Facebook page and have many, many friends thank me for letting them know about “UO”, and many of them have shared their great experiences with John Strain. Sincerely, Martha Parris Wellsandt, Cartersville, GA

Job Well Done

“…Me and my husband arrived at 09:00 on Wednesday morning. We were greeted with a warm smile and a caring voice. After being checked in it was about 10 minutes later when we were called in to the treatment room. The Nurses Assistant, Ms. Brook, was precise and attentive.. Dr. Laurie was out standing in her diagnosis. She made me and my Husband feel loved and cared about.. You guys get Five (5) Stars.. Job Well Done.. Bernard and Shawn Jackson Tinsley”



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