Honie works with Dr. Cha as a registered medical assistant. She helps manage Dr. Cha’s spine surgery schedule and works with his patients to coordinate their care leading up to surgery.

She chose a career in the medical field because of her love for people, and explains, “if I could make just one patient smile each day, then I feel like I’ve made a difference.”

This year marks Honie’s 17th work anniversary, and for her, it’s flown by. She explains, “What can I say? I love my work family! The doctors are awesome!”

When she isn’t working, she enjoys, “baking and spending time with Chad and the kids on our farm, and of course, going to church!”

This year, she’s most looking forward to traveling to Texas for a family reunion. She’s excited to meet some of her cousins for the 1st time.

Fun fact alert: She’s traveled to Italy and, “it was an amazing experience and such a beautiful country!”

Happy 17th work anniversary, Honie! Thank you for everything you do for our patients!

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