Team Milestones: Brittany Patterson, CMA

By October 15, 2020October 20th, 2020Team Recognition

Meet Brittany! Brittany is a certified medical assistant. She coordinates patient care during in office visits and oversees the many details that go into each patient’s visit.

Her favorite part of the job is that, “it’s something new and different every day, and I like that it keeps me very busy.” She has the opportunity to work with different doctors. They are “all great to work with, and they treat us like family.”

She chose a career in the medical field because she enjoys helping people, “I love the patient care aspect of my job and the opportunity it gives me to create relationships with our patients and to help make them feel better.”

When she isn’t at work, Brittany enjoys spending time with her daughter, Bella, and her family. This year, she is most excited about the holidays!

Thank you, Brittany, for everything you do for our team and patients. Happy 2nd work anniversary!

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