Latest Addition To Our Campus

If you have visited Georgia Bone & Joint Surgeon’s orthopedic campus lately, perhaps you’ve spotted our latest addition—- a bright American flag! Thanks to the observation and thoughtfulness of a young boy, it was installed a few weeks ago.

The proud father of that young boy is John Strain, PA-C, a physician assistant here at Georgia Bone and Joint Surgeons.

What made you think about placing an American flag on the GB&JS campus?   J.S: My sons, Samuel and Wesley, and I came by here (the office) and Wesley asked where the “Old Glory Flag and pole” was on the campus. I told him I wasn’t sure, and that we could look into it.

What steps did you take to make it happen? J.S: The following week, I contacted Cindy, our CEO, and made her aware of what I had noticed and what the boys had said. She was so gracious and directed me to find out what it would take to place an appropriate sized banner on the campus.

What happened after that? J.S: I contacted Flagpole Warehouse in Acworth, GA. They were awesome and provided several options.  On Friday the 15th of March the 35′ pole arrived by truck, it was installed on the 16th. Samuel and Wesley raised their first “Old Glory Flag” here on the GB&JS Campus with the administrative assistance of Cindy and the partners of Georgia Bone & Joint Surgeons. Thank you all for honoring our country in such a demonstrable manner, it’s beautiful!  



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