Happy Work Anniversary, Alexis!

By July 28, 2020September 9th, 2020Team Recognition

Meet Alexis! Alexis is a certified medical assistant. She works with Dr. Brunette where she helps manage the daily schedule, coordinates patient care, and processes patient messages and requests.

Her favorite part of the job is being apart of a patient’s experience from, “start to finish.” Patients often start treatment in pain from a chronic condition or injury, and she helps coordinate their care all the way to completion.

She chose to work in the medical field because she loves, “taking care of sick or hurting people.” Her experience has taught her that simply listening to and talking with patients is incredibly important. It can help tremendously in the care process.

She describes working with Dr. Brunette as a, “full time job! He keeps me on my toes, and we stay busy, but I really enjoy it. I look forward to coming to work each day!””

When she isn’t at work, she enjoys playing outside with her boys! She cheers loud and proud for the Canes and the Auburn Tigers. The beach is her favorite place to visit, and she dreams about living there..one day…maybe! 

Happy 5th work anniversary, Alexis! #CMA #Orthopedics #Spine #sportmedicine #cartersvillega

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