Happy Work Anniversary, Lisa!

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February 6, 2020
X-Ray technologist with Georgia Bone & Joint Surgeons
Happy Work Anniversary, Candice!
March 12, 2020

Happy Work Anniversary, Lisa!

MRI Technologist at Georgia Bone & Joint Surgeons

Meet Lisa, an MRI Technologist with Georgia Bone & Joint Surgeons.


8 years ago today, Lisa joined our team, and we are so grateful for her years of service!

Lisa is an MRI technologist and helps our patients get the diagnosis they need to better treat their injury. In the world of orthopedics and spine, MRI tests are often used to help get a better diagnosis of the injury or condition. She chose the medical field because of her passion to help others in need.

What she loves most about her job is, "meeting new people and having the opportunity to help make a difference in their lives. It is a great feeling and very rewarding to be a part of helping someone get a diagnosis and the treatment they need."

Some patients are nervous about getting an MRI, she helps guide them through that process by, “thoroughly explaining the procedure to help them fully understand what to expect. I also offer a covering for their eyes to help with anxiety, and I talk to them through our intercom during the entire exam!"

When she isn't at work, she enjoys spending time at home with her 3 dogs, taking spin classes at the gym, and of course, shopping!

This year, she is most excited about their middle daughter graduating high school. She is also looking forward to warm, sunny weather and summer breaks with her family.

Happy work anniversary, Lisa! Thank you for all that you do.