Happy Work Anniversary, Danielle!

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Happy Work Anniversary, Kaci!
May 4, 2020
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Happy Work Anniversary, Brigette!
May 21, 2020

Happy Work Anniversary, Danielle!

Outpatient Surgery Center

Danielle King is celebrating her 16th work anniversary with Georgia Bone & Joint Surgeons!

Danielle is a registered nurse and manager in our outpatient surgery center. We are so grateful for the work she does and the quality of care she provides to our patients. Her favorite part of the job? "Having the opportunity to care for and support patients and their families during all types of situations." It's very rewarding to work in an outpatient surgery setting because, "we're able to help the patient go through the entire surgical process from admission to discharge."

As a nurse and patient advocate, she focusses on great communication with each patient and their family to help assure them "we are here to provide the best care we can and will settle for no less." She enjoys working in the medical field because of "the opportunity it provides to help make a difference in someone's life."

When she is isn't working, she is hopefully in VERY warm, sunny weather playing tennis or spending time with friends and family ☀️ She's a MAJOR sports fan 👏🏻 and an absolute diehard Georgia Bulldog! "GO DAWGS!!!"

Danielle, thank you so much for your 16 years of work and patient care!