Happy Work Anniversary, Brigette!

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Happy Work Anniversary, Danielle!
May 6, 2020

Happy Work Anniversary, Brigette!

Georgia Bone & Joint Surgeons in Cartersville Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy Assistant, Brigette Neale at Georgia Bone & Joint Surgeons in Cartersville, Ga


Today, Brigette is celebrating her 5 year workiversary as a Physical Therapy Assistant in our PT department!

Her favorite part of the job? "Interacting with and learning about our patients and who they really are." Most of the time, all we see is a brief medical history and why they're here with us. We know them as a total knee, cuff repair, etc..,but they are so much more....We educate our patient's on how to get better, and lots of times, they educate us on life."

In her experience, physical therapy, "lots of times is more than just physical. Some patient's require emotional support and encouragement to get through their rehab. We spend a lot of time, two to three days each week, for six to twelve weeks or more with patients educating them and providing them with the tools they need to become stronger, healthier, and back to themselves."

Her road to becoming a physical therapy assistant started after a 15 year career in the legal field..."When the economy plummeted in the early to mid 2000s, and I lost my job, I decided to pursue a different career. I did not have a degree of any kind, so I had to start fresh. I didn't have a lot of time to invest in years of education since I was older (36 at the time) with a mortgage and no other real source of income. I went to Chattahoochee Tech to inquire as to what programs they offered. When I saw the Physical Therapy Assistant program, I knew that would be a good fit for me since I had been active in the fitness world for a while. I started the journey in 2010, graduated in 2014, and with a friend's encouragement, I found my way here."

When she isn't working, you'll most likely find her spending time with her husband, Kevin and their 14 month-old daughter, Ashlynn. She's also an avid runner and has run three marathons, two while pregnant. She enjoys obstacle races and has completed several Triathlons!

Her highlights for the year include, "watching my daughter grow! Also, I am training for my first #DopeyChallenge at Disney in January, which is a 5k, 10k, half marathon and a marathon in four days."

Thank you so much, Brigette, for the great care you provide our patients. Happy work anniversary!