Answers to the Matching Game

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Answers to the Georgia Bone & Joint Surgeons, P.C. Matching Game Activity Sheet

Longest bone in the human body: Femur

Another name for the tailbone: Coccyx

Leading cause of sport related head injuries: Cycling

Largest tendon in your body: Achilles

Medical name for Tennis Elbow: Lateral Epicondylitis

Greek word for “closely knit row”: Phalanges

Bone broken in a Boxer’s Fracture: Fifth Metacarpal Neck

Dr. Atwell: Plays the Guitar

Dr. Brunette: Knows how to twerk

Dr. Cha: Wrestled in college

Dr. Riddle: Plays the piano

Dr. Wall: 1 of 7 kids

Dr. Hubbell: Worked on the stage crew for Willie Nelson

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